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Erisin ES341 USB TPMS Module Tire Pressure 4 Sensors For Android 6.0/7.1/8.0/8.1/9.0/10.0/11.0 Units Stereo
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Key Features:

USB Port for connecting this Android Car DVD Players, just plug and play, support TPMS Display Input, Touch Control and Power Supply.

- We provide TPMS apk download link, you can check the above item specifics to find the download link. Just buy this USB TPMS product for
Tire pressure monitoring. APP compatible for all Car Stereos / Autoradios with Android 8.1 / 9.0 / 10.0 or above Car Multimedia - System.
- Simultaneously monitor and display all the 4 tires' pressure or temperature.
- USB interface: Plug and play, easy and convenient installation; 4 external sensors: easy to be mounted and replaced.
- Alarm when pressure & temperature is not up to standard like flat tire, improve fuel efficiency, prolong tire lifespan, ensure driving safety.
- Standard alarm value of pressure and temperature.
- Alarm when air escapes from the tires quickly and suddenly.
- Display & Sound alarm.
- Designed for most of 4-tire cars.
- Menu language: in English only
- Alarm Functions:
* Low / High Pressure
* High Temperature
* Low Battery
* Quickly / Slowly leaking


1. There are 2 Types of TPMS sensors on the market: External Sensor and Internal Sensor.
Our item is the External Sensor with waterproof function.
2. Android Car Radios with Qualcomm Rockchip System: NOT SUPPORT!!!


- Working Voltage: 2.1V~3.5V
- Temperature measurement range: -30°C~ +85°C
- Working Temperature: -30°C~ +60°C
- Pressure measurement range: 0~6 bar(0~116 psi)
- Pressure accuracy: ± 1.5 psi (±0.1bar)
- Temperature sensitivity: ±4℃
- Transmission frequency: 433.92MHz
- Material: plastic
- Color: black
- TPMS Box Size: 55mm * 39mm * 12mm
- Sensor Size: Diameter 20mm, Height 15mm
- USB cable length: 20mm
- Weight: 360g
- Battery life: ≥2 Years (4pcs Lithium batteries built-in the 4 sensors)
(Battery Model number: CR1632)

What is TPMS?

TPMS stands for tire pressure monitoring system. As its name suggests, a tire pressure monitoring system is more than a single part.
In fact, TPMS involves a valve and a sensor, and it's also important to know that not all TPMS systems are created equal.There are two
kinds of TPMS technology–indirect and direct. Indirect TPMS approximates tire pressure indirectly by using data from the vehicle's
antilock brake system (ABS).

Direct TPMS is a warning system that warns a vehicle's operator of an unsafe change in the air pressure in one or more of the tires.
Readings are provided by pressure sensing transmitters mounted inside each tire and sent to a central computer (ECU) for display on
the dashboard. A warning indicator light on the instrument panel and an audible warning notify the driver if a 25% drop in pressure occurs.

How Does TPMS Work?

With both direct and indirect TPMS, if a tire is detected to be underinflated by 25% or more, an alert lights up on your dashboard.
But with direct TPMS, drivers are alerted sooner and if the car is equipped with the four-tire TPMS display–can even see readings
for each tire. One of the largest downsides of an indirect TPMS system is that it cannot detect when all four tires are low in
pressure, which can happen quite frequently if tire pressure is not checked on a regular basis.

To get a better understanding of how TPMS works and how it helps make driving safer. You can learn more about direct vs indirect systems here.

Parcel Content:

- 1* USB Car TPMS Module Box
- 4* External Sensors
- 4* Theftproof Screw Hexagonal Nuts
- 1* USB Stick with TPMS APP file
- 1* Wrench
- 1* Double Sided Adhesive Tape to fix the TPMS box
- 1* User manual in English
- 1* Parcel box


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